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My little giant

Simon had his 4 month old check up today. I was a bit off on my weight estimate. He is only 13 lbs .045oz
which puts him back in the 25% for weight (this is where he was at birth). He is now officially 26 inches tall though. Which means he is in the 85% for height. Coincidently  Simon’s little buddy Charlie from play group has edged him out slightly in the grown game which is only interesting because Charlie is 6 weeks younger than Simon. I think our play group might be working on a basketball team…

Can I just say that I  love Simon’s pediatrician. She is very nice and
great with Simon and she actually fills out the little childhood health
record for me (you know the little one they give you to take home).
Simon seems to like her, however, he did have a little melt down during his visit. He was
fine until she rolled him over on his tummy, but then he lost it and didn’t recover until we left the exam room.

Both of these pictures were taken  later this afternoon after we returned home. As you can see he seems to have forgotten all about the Doctors office.

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One Comment

  1. Kay Weaver

    You certainly caught Simon in a good mood in these photos. His eyes are captivating, not to mention his smile. His growth pattern is perhaps taking after his daddy.