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I [heart] adoption

I had the privileged of baby sitting these two adorable children last week. They warmed right up to me, well really they warmed right up to Simon who they both loved and took turns holding and cuddling.

These are the first two kids to be placed with one of the families from our PRIDE class. PRIDE stands for Parents’ Resources for
Information Development Education. It is the Washington state required training for foster licensing. We took our training with 20 or so other couples in one marathon long weekend. We became friends with a lot of the other families going through the process and it is really exciting to see the first of many families to expand their family through foster-adoption.

As far as news on Simon, he did sleep much better last night. He had a bit of trouble falling to sleep which is unusual for him. However, once we got him to sleep (around 10 pm instead of his usual 8pm bed time) he slept through the night. Tonight he went to sleep at 7:30pm so I hope he doesn’t wake up at some ungodly hour.

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