a family afair

I think that summer has finally arrived – I hope that it stays extra long into the fall to make up for the horrible wet spring we have had. Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us … Continue reading

Kole and Karter

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We know Kole and Karter from our mommy/play group. It has been fun getting to know these last 5 months. Sadly they are moving to Austin at the end of this month. We are sad to see them go but … Continue reading

Sweet Adelaide

too sweet for words : ) Just 10 months old and already walking. Lyndsay tagged me with a “You Make My Day” Award.  Awful nice of her : ) Now I get to name 10 people whose blogs inspire me … Continue reading

Who moved my baby?

Pardon the lack of post and the following snap shots but we have been busy! Simon has this play mat thing. It’s usually good for about 10 – 15 min of entertainment. The other day I plopped Simon down in … Continue reading

Mommy and Simon

Taken the other day while we had the tri-pod out. Portfolio | Contact Me | Book a Session connect with us on social media   .  .    .

Self Portrait

Over at two peas we are having a self portrait challenge. I don’t normally like being on the other side of the camera but since my current profile picture is more than a year old it is about time for … Continue reading

Remember Ivy?

Ivy Well she is getting big too! cutier every day! and she is almost sitting up. I say almost because in this photo she is precariously balanced on her forearms, but doing pretty good! more photos from this session coming … Continue reading


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Cara, the mom pictured here is one of my former co-workers from when I worked on the F-22 program. She has such a sweet family! We had a great time taking pictures. I had to include this last one. What … Continue reading