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Splish Splash Simon loves his bath

Simon is really into bath time now. No longer does he lay there passively relaxing. He enjoys the new found freedom of movement that the water affords him. He can actually get himself turned completely around now so the his head is at the opposite end of the tub. He can also kick off the sides and bottom and propel himself a few inches. Though I think this hurts the back of his head a bit as he grimaces each time he does it.
Why is the water so choppy in these photos ?.. because Simon is busy failing his arms and legs about and making waves.  He even splashes his face but doesn’t seem to mind. We have taken video of it but Myles is a bit behind on the editing. We will make a swimmer out of this kid yet!

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  1. SOOO cute….I was smiling so big as I read that!!! I cant remember, did you get our videos to work? We had one of Lacy at 8 months and it was fun we could get her to hold her breath and dip her face in a little…LOVED the look on her face right before the dip…baby swimmers….SOOOO cute!! Go Simon! http://vimeo.com/198705

  2. Lyndsay

    do you just put him in the regular tub? how much water??

  3. Yes we just put him in the regular tub. Myles used to get in with him but has recently given up on it since Simon does so well by himself. We put in as much water as we can so he stays warm. Right up to the sides of his face. He can turn his head a bit with out putting it under water but he has put is face in himself a few times by turning way over on his side. It seems to surprise him but he never cries and just rolls back on to his back. Now one of us just sits in the bathroom and watches him while he has his bath. I never understood that recommendation that you only give babies a minimal amount of water. Why? you can still drown in a tiny bit and we would have to supervise him no mater how much or how little water why not give him enough to stay warm. Who would want to take a bath in only a few inches of water ? – that would be horrible and cold. Anyway that is my philosophy on baths.

  4. i really wish i would have done that for my girls when they were little! they are afraid of water , very cautious in it!
    if that is more than a few inches is he on his back floating? or is he actually laying on the bottom of the tub?!
    that would be so cool if he were learning to float already! he is going to be an awesome swimmer!

  5. Hey Em:) We too did the same thing for Lacy’s bath:) Just laid her down and put in as much as we could to keep her warm:) SO…right on with blowing on Simon’s face before the dunk! The next thing you want to do is just add a verbal cue to go along with the air blowing. Say the cue like “ready set, go”, blow on face and gently ease into the water. It does not take long until you are able to stop blowing the air and just by hearing the verbal cue they get ready all on their own! The cue works great for transitioning to jumping in as well. Sadly over the winter we were unable to go, so we were not able to hold on to Lacy’s progress…but no biggie! It was fun at the time and we continue to practice:) Have fun!!

  6. oh…and I added a padded bathtub mat and Lacy seemed happier as it was a little cozier to lay flat on the tub…but at my parent’s house we dont use one:)