Spicing up the Blog

You may have noticed that I am attempting to spice up my blog a bit and add a few more items of interest. If you read this blog in a feed reader or by email you might want to pop over and take a look.  I have updated the banner as well as included some more photos, articles that I find interesting, a list of photo blogs that I visit, and some good recipes. Just trying to make things a little more fun. I am going to continue to update so please check in periodically.

Also I want to mention that I love comments! A lot of people write me email comments on my post but if you have something insightful or funny to say please do post a comment so that everyone can enjoy your witty banter. And thanks to those who do already post comments.

And so as not to leave this post devoid of a photo here is Simon after his bath the other day.
I love how he smells after a bath and how he is always so completely relaxed. We have been giving him nightly baths just to wind him down in the evenings. He gets really spooled up and has a hard time going to sleep even though he is exhausted, the bath really helps with this. We have also been taking an infant massage class so Simon has been enjoying nightly massages.

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