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First Weekend away

So we spent the weekend in Portland and Simon spent his first night away from home. The night part was fine it was the day that was difficult as he had no interest in napping in the hotel room. I was hoping to get some nice 3 – month photographs of him but he spent most of the day pretty grouchy and would only nap while I carried him in the moby wrap so this is all I got.

taken at Washington Park – I love this park and I wish we had something this cool in Seattle.

Funky hotel room carpet – yeah, I hope he doesn’t get some funky hotel room disease from laying on it.

this is his “Mom, are we done yet?” look – note the glassy eyed stare and spit bubbles.


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  1. Well, if that was Simon grouchy on Saturday, HA! He was SO good!!!! Glad you were able to enjoy Portland and it was very good to see ya:) Hope we can do it again soon. I think Simon’s initiation to travel was ‘successful’ and now you all can hit the road running!

  2. Faye

    I think the 3rd picture down where he is sitting on the spotted background in his jeans is a pose just like his Uncle Eric. What do you think? It really made me laugh.
    Aunt Faye