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Massage Class

So I am a little bit behind on posting here so pardon me while I catch up : )

Myles and I took a infant massage class with Simon. I know that this sounds as if we are totally spoiling Simon (which we are) but I would highly recommend infant massage to any parent. It is just another way of bonding and connecting with your child. Massage is also a very good way to sooth a fussy baby and calm and relax them before bed. Simon loves getting massages (all except the tummy part – I think he is a bit ticklish) he totally relaxes and just eats it up.

I didn’t even think of taking my camera to massage class so these photos are courtesy of Shana one of the other moms.


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One Comment

  1. Yay! Todd and I did this with Sarah too! She eventually “grew out of it” and won’t let us do it anymore, but for a while it really was a great bonding/relaxing time for us…Very cool!