1. OOO, LOVING that silvery material–what is it by chance? I bet it drapes really nice. That first pic is adorable and you can totally see that baby in there too, what a treasure. You’ve got some gorgeous friends, who sure look amazing pregnant!

  2. Rane dae

    All are beautiful, but I love the subtlety of the one on the left. At first glance, it is just a big drape of fabric, then the transparency reveals and the effect is so sweet. It felt like pregnancy to me, the contempletive, beautiful moments of pregnancy.

  3. She has such a neat, round bump. Beautiful work, Emily!

  4. grandma ginger

    very tastefully done…beautiful.

  5. Hi Emily! Getting to have a photo shoot with you would be AMAZING! I wish we could make that happen- I think the next time we will even be remotely close to your area is if we come (w/baby in tow) to Boise this September for my cousin’s wedding. We need to get you guys out to NY sometime!