It’s too HOT!

I don’t mind the rain, I am comfortable wearing a sweater, in fact I actually enjoy coolish weather because it means you can really enjoy a hearty stew or chili. I love snuggling up under my down comforter.

This morning breakfast was a fruit smoothing and dinner was the same thing – way to hot to cook on the stove. I know this may just sound like whining to those of you who live in much hotter climates but we don’t have air conditioning and right now it is 11pm and my thermostat says 82 degrees in the house!

I took Simon down to the ocean tonight with the hopes of getting some good 6 month old photos of him. I knew it would be a lot cooler down by the water, and it was. But Simon was interested in everything but taking photos. I will post some of the outtakes from that later. For now these are just some photos I took earlier in the evening.

“There’s mom with that blasted camera again… maybe If I just ignore her she will go away…”

“Oh, I can’t help myself, I love it when she makes those funny noises!”

“Ooo! Peek-A-Boo I really love it when she does that!”

“But wait, I just remembered! I’m teething, my gums hurt, and it’s WAY TOO HOT!”

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  1. I wish!!!! It was 98 here yesterday – ick.

  2. I am so spoiled having AC that when we visited our friends in CA who didnt have it, I was fighting the urge to throw up at the end of everyday. Oh yeah, and it was 112 the first day and like 108 the next. I feel for you!! Yuck, yuck. Find a shady spot and sit in a kiddy pool with Simon! Although if you dont have one now, you’ll never find one in the stores…Well,I am looking forward to the outtakes from Simons pics. The bed ones turned out super cute:) Hope teething isnt keeping you both up at night.

  3. jennifer

    we had a ‘cool’ front come in a few days ago and it got down to a whopping 91 degrees! i am sick of sweating and so looking forward to the fall!
    Beautiful pictures, i love the conversion.

  4. Jacob

    Oh is that where our hot weather went. Its actually been very nice in Bozeman, almost Seattle like…. hmmm. 🙂