Fun at the Fair

We thought it was time that we introduce Simon to that end of summer ritual. Good old fashion fun at the fair! We let Simon have his first taste of carny food he got his first ever corn dog and a classic fair scone. he was in heaven. Of course he loved the animals the best.

I think the Animals are Myles’s favorite part too. Simon and pigs are so funny, he tries to snort like a pig only he exhales instead of inhaling. He does make a pretty realistic snorting sound but it’s just slightly off, sort of in the back of hiss throat instead of in his nasal passage. It makes me laugh every time he does it. Of course he will never do it on command. He wasn’t sure about this big hog at first. Myles lured it over by snorting at it.


They had a very nice petting zoo with all sorts of baby animals. Simon was just fine with the size of these pigs! They are cute and I hear very smart. I don’t think I would mind having one as a pet. There was a girl on my swim team in High school who had a pet pig. It was given to them as a small pot bellied piglet and they were told it was “as big as it was going to get” only that wasn’t quite true and pretty soon the pig weighed upwards of 200 lbs and was boss of the couch. So it makes me a little nervous to get one.


Right now when Simon sees animals  he doesn’t call them by name instead he refers to them by their sound. For example when he sees a cow he says “I see a moo!” or if he is excited just “see a moo!!!” (he practically screams it). We live by a pasture that has cows and horses in it so almost every day we drive by and he screams ” I see a NEEE!!” or “I see a MOOO!!” (note he says *knee* not *neigh* for horses). I find this odd since one of his first words was “dog” but now he has pretty much dropped saying dog at all and just refers to them as a “wolf”. He was very confused hen we saw the wolves at the zoo and I tried to tell him the sound was “hoooowl” not “wolf”.  Obviously wolves look like dogs anyway. So I don’t even have words for what he calls an elephant and a pig. If I were to write it out it would be something like “phtebbbbbb!” and “chaxxx!!!”   I just wanted to write these things down before I forget them. He has recently had a language explosion and talks non stop though I probably only understand 80% of it. There is almost always animal sounds involved when he is talking though.  I am sure that all to soon he will be talking in full sentences and I would even be able to remember the baby talk. I think that we will forever call avocados “cado cado” and motorcycles “momos” as these are some of the cutest things he says.

So it you turn, what cute words or abbreviations does your little one say (or said). And if you don’t have a little one ask your parents what things you said : )
leave me a comment!

until next time


P.S. for some reason I can’t go to the fair with out thinking of Charlotte’s web.

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  1. That first shot is darling! I love them all though.. Looks like y’all had fuN!

  2. cindy

    love these! my dd is a month younger than simon– some of the ones we have are…”bock bock” for chicken, “woof woof” for dog, “meep meep” for a baby chick, “sniff sniff” for bunny (more a thing she does w/ her nose than a sound) and a “ROAAARRR” for a kitty… 😀

  3. Erin

    I love the words that my kiddos have made up — the adults in our family use them now too. A few examples: Charyse asks for help “bipping” when she wants something snapped (eg. “Momma will you help me bip and zip my pants?”). Naps are universally referred to as “nappos”. Instead of “okie dokie” we say “obie godie”. Our vocabulary will never be the same. 🙂

  4. Holly

    Ok, I can’t help but comment on this! My son, Breckin, used to say “Mah-neh-meh-nees” for pumpkins. We have no idea why. I love linguistics and studying languages so it’s fascinating to me as to how kids start talking. Love the fair photos!!!

  5. For some reason, Andrew started calling chocolate milk, “quanky” when he began to talk. To this day we call choc milk, quanky in our house. Natey calls orange, o-tay. Again, no idea why, but I love it:)

  6. Thanks for the new word: we’ve just replaced “avocado” with cado-cado” at our house! So cute.

  7. sophia

    the animals are my favorite part too. cow fur is soft to touch. and i think pigs are cute too… baby goats are adorable too.

    i used to say “lala” instead of “laura” (my sister’s name) and many of my relatives still call her “lala” a lot of the time. and laura used to call me fofy instead of sophy, but say it like a spanish speaker would… foh-fee, not foe-fee. that one did not stick, thank goodness!

    my niece used to do the most realistic bear sound when she was 2 yr old. that was super cute.

    you won’t forget simon’s baby talk, not all of it. you’ll always remember the cutest highlights.