What I did last night

I photographed a birth!
Cash Allen was born this morning at 1:43 am.
Big sister meet your baby brother.

In reality this is what I did the last two nights as this little guy took his time making his appearance into the world (almost 3 days). In all honesty I wasn’t there the entire time, I got to go home and sleep and just come back for the important parts.  This was absolutely beautiful and I am glad that I had the opportunity to photograph it.

More photos coming soon… 

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  1. those are AWESOME…and how cool of a job was that! Minus the crazy hours and all. Did you take some cool personal shots for the family too? REALLY liked these especially because I could never take anything like it:):)

  2. haha…I will clarify…I cant take photos like that in manual:):) I just visited my friends last week that had a baby and I was all excited, taking my camera as our hospital has great window light…expect for boarded windows during construction!!! So, then it was auto with a flash. That’s where my abilities end! (I pretty much stick to manual, except in low-light or just dont want to miss the moment times) That’s what I did for the beach photos in my last post…except for like 5 photos, all were manual. I played around a lot. Some worked some, didnt. But I just kept adjusting and playing!
    Again…really enjoyed these pics!

  3. how gorgeous>
    i sure wish i had thought in advance to hire
    someone to come to my home and photograph my births!

  4. Oh Emily, I’m sooooo excited for you that you got to do it! Now tell me, don’t you want to do tons more? I am IN LOVE with that second shot…the light, the perspective and the mood. Awesome!

  5. Kay Weaver

    For your first attempt it was pretty neat. I found myself getting emotional with the video. Feeling myself present with the family in welcoming Cash into the world. Great work Em. What a privilege to be there.