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Of course her name is Dahlia!

But I loved all the Emily guesses!


If you didn’t catch it She is holding a Dahlia in the second photo. A dahlia that was given to me just the day before the photo was taken by Myles’s grandmother. She grows gorgeous dahlias every year in her garden and this was one of the last few blooms. I just happened to have it sitting in a vase and this mommy asked if we could incorporate it into a photo – I was all over that. What an awesome coincidence. And now I have learned how many flower names there are. So if you are expecting a Lily, Rose, Zinnia, Azalea, Acacia, Calla, Heather, Iris, Lavender, Amaryllis, or a Daisy make sure and tell me ahead of time so I can get the appropriate flower.

As for the winner… I used random.com to select a name from the list of correct answers and the winner is Casey Nilson! Congrats Casey, send me your mailing address so I can send you your prize.

And maybe in the meantime I can think up another contest.


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  1. How about Chrysantemum? I just read that book to my first graders 🙂 Beautiful photo!