Simon’s swimming lesson

Untitled from Emily Weaver Brown on Vimeo.

Normally I take Simon to his lesson but this week do to an injury (I
burned my arm making a smoothie) Myles got the honor. Myles had to take off work early to do this but it left me free to be able to video the event. Normally
there are 2 other kids in his lessons but we really lucked out that
both were not in attendance and Simon got a private lesson. Prefect day
to show up with a video camera : )
This is the first video that I have completely shot, edited and added music to all by myself. I think I am starting to get the knack of imovie.

Simon is not used to
swimming with his daddy and I think it’s funny how he doesn’t really
trust him with the back float. Notice how Simon holds on tight to
Myles’ fingers.

He really does love swimming and doesn’t mind
going under water at all. He is becoming quite the little fish. I am
really hung up on the idea of getting some underwater video of him but
I need to either borrow or rent an under water camera. Anyone have one
they want to loan me?

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  1. you gonna make that a public video? 🙂

  2. will watch now! unlocked:)

  3. loved it…adorable! Lacy was a total fish when she was an infant and a little after 1. It’s amazing how they naturally can take to it! We didn’t go for a long time and are back mostly at ground zero, but I am not worried about it..all evens out at the end. I used to teach BASIC swim lessons and baby and me classes:) Nice work on imovie…seriously LOVE imovie! Wish it could do a couple other things, but it’s so simple and creates such great products…like this swimming video:) Boring home movies be gone! nice work mom.

  4. Oh wow…what a GREAT little video! I just signed up to put Nate and Dewey in swim class…this makes me so excited!

  5. That is a great video of Simon swimming! I’m curious where you take him, if it’s close to home since we too are in Bothell. I’ve been meaning to get Brenden into lessons for sometime but hadn’t gotten around to it yet! He loves the water and had a blast out in the open ocean and pool on vacation, so it’s time!