Tonight begins week two of our advent celebration. This week we light the Peace candle in addition to the Hope candle.

Simon is really getting into this advent stuff. I would say that he loves lighting candles but really he just loves blowing them out. And he is getting really good at it. In fact he can now simultaneously light and blow a candle out and I have to keep reminding him as we light the candles to not blow them out just yet. DSC_5798.web

Every night we light one more candle and our traveling Mary on her donkey gets one step closer to Bethlehem. (he is wearing a long sleeve bib as we were about to eat a dinner of chili). Advent has sparked obsessions with all sorts of new animals; donkeys, camels, and reindeer chiefly. (He learned about reindeer at the mall). I have also found elephants and tigers attending the nativity in his play creche set, and just the other day I found him offering one of the 3 kings a drink from his mug of chamomile tea.

Simon also has a beautiful advent calendar filled with tiny chocolate hearts. Every night after dinner he gets to open one door, read the message, and eat the chocolate. It’s good chocolate too – not the horrible plasticy kind I remember. The calendar is hanging on the wall and now anytime he sees it he ask for “cahklit”(so, 20 or 30 times a day). I am certain that if he could get to it and get the cardboard doors open on his own that he would eat all of the chocolate in one sitting!

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  1. Rane dae

    So lovely, Emily! Did you do this stuff growing up?

  2. I absolutely love Christmas Tradition! This is so cute and something that he will always remember! Good job Momma!