It’s the 4th and final week of advent and tonight we lit the last advent candle, the one that represents love. (We will lite the center “Christ Candle” on Christmas eve. ) This weekend was busy so it was nice to sit down to dinner as a family and I have stumbled on a little secret to impressing a toddler – candlelight dinner. It’s such a simple way to make your dinner “special” I am surprised that it didn’t occur to me before.


We have been doing this the last few meals we have had together, and it sure made our sweet potato and black bean chili extra special. I hope everyone gets a chance to sit down with there family for a meal this week, and if you do give candlelight a try : )

until next time!

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  1. sophia

    candles are fun. i like oil lamps too.

  2. I love the candlelight dinner picture! The lighting is beautiful!