Welcome 2010!

I guess I am a few days late on that! We have been enjoying time off, going skiing, and just hanging out with no where to be. Today I complied a 2009 in review sideshow. I always like it when others create these so I thought I would make one too. It was really fun to go back through all the photos and look as just how much Simon has grown. You can really track his growth by the amount of hair he has (or doesn’t). 2009 was very good to us! Truly we are very blessed!

2009 in review! from Emily Weaver Brown on Vimeo.

I know that everyone thinks that Simon is the most photographed kid ever, (he’s not!) I realized that when I was making this that I need to pull out my camera lot more and take snapshots more often. I plan out my photos too much and rarely let spontaneity just grab me. So that is going to be my resolution for 2010 – take more candid photos!

2010 is already shaping up to be a pretty good year. Since Simon will be turning 2 next month we will be traveling a lot less this year but we have some fun stuff planed!

Peace Love and Happiness in 2010!
-Emily, Myles, and Simon

P.S. If you have created an end of the year sideshow please link it in the comments I would love to watch it!

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  1. Auntie Leigh

    Sensational! You truely have a gift Emily, and wonderful subject matter.
    Love you

  2. So awesome, makes me want to attempt one myself. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Very nice, love your work!

  4. lizzie

    Beautiful Emily! Such a neat idea, thanks for the inspiration. Happy New Year to the three of you!

  5. Oh wow. This really makes me want to try this out too! Nice work.

  6. Not sure if you were talking to me…I am just a random person that reads your blog…but here is my video. I make a DVD every year (7 years now) and it is my Christmas card to family and friends. 🙂 http://animoto.com/play/7SUqNZpbniRKmQaMzybpLw?autostart=true#

  7. Faye

    That was wonderful. You will always be glad you captured this now. What a wonderful family you have.

  8. lizzie

    I’m so guilty of never printing any pictures. I’ve made slideshows for the grandmas in the past. You’ve inspired me to do a year in review. It’s neat to see how the kids change and grow. I see that I need to take a lot more pictures to capture the moment and not worry so much about how it’s not set up right. LOL Thanks Emily! Here’s my video. http://vimeo.com/8551541

  9. Kay Weaver

    So fun to watch in review. You did a lot of traveling and activities this year and it was fun to look back. Lots of smiles from watching this. Thanks for making the video.

  10. Wow!great pictures!!!
    I love the colors session.I wouldon’t try it in my house for anything in the world…