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23 weeks

Someday I will get back to blogging regularly

At least having to do a weekly photo is keeping me somewhat on track. I think I need more of these weekly type things – any ideas?

Some funny things about this pregnancy:

  • I think I have settled on some names, I am not sure if Myles is on board though as he is never interested in discussing them.
  • The other night I dreamed that I had a baby boy. I had a name I wanted to use but Myles was like “ehh…” since he didn’t have any other suggestions I told him we were just going to try out my idea for awhile and see if it fit.
  • When I was pregnant with Simon I dreamed that I was having a girl – I was pretty sure that meant I was having a girl and was a little shocked that he was a boy – so now I wonder if dreaming that I am having a boy means that I will in fact have a girl.
  • I also dreamt that one of my midwives (Nicole) gave me a print out of birth tub options for use at home. Only they were all the little hard plastic kiddy pools you find at the drugstore (you know the kind that are about 10in deep). She kept pointing out the cost on the print out and saying stuff like “well this one is only $4!” I tried to explain to her that we had a bit more in are budget than $4 and I was really thinking of something a lot deeper. .. I can’t wait to tell her about this dream at my next appointment.
  • In case you are wondering we don’t have a Jacuzzi tub in our house so I will purchase an inflatable tub to use during the birth. (likely I will purchase this one – but I am open to recommendations) Floating in warm water during labor is an amazing pain reliever  but having a tub that is actually large enough to submerge yourself in is essential. Most hospitals tout their facilities as having tubs but they are just regular old bathtubs and I can tell you form personal experience that a regular bathtub is not large enough – you really need a large Jacuzzi tub. What most people don’t know is that even if you are not planning a home birth you can take your own inflatable tub to the hospital for your personal use or you can rent one and have it delivered to the hospital when you are in labor.  Locally Labor Tubs Northwest provides this delivery service.
  • I am not specifically planning a water birth, but if that happens so be it. I am planning on laboring in the water as it was so helpful and very relaxing during Simon’s birth. Actually I can’t really imagine coping through the pain of labor without being in a tub.  If I were queen of the world I would design LDR rooms around a  huge tub and the bed would be off in the corner (and it would actually be big enough for the dad to sleep in it too – why should dad have to sleep in a chair?)
  • I just signed Simon up for the “Sibling Preparation for Kids” course at Great Starts. This course is taught by Penny Simkin herself. I am pretty excited about this class for him as I have heard about it from quite a few of my clients. The kids get to see a doll give birth and hold a real newborn baby.  I am hoping to be able to take some photos during the class : )
  • In case you had any doubt we are not the type of parents that like to pretend that the stork brings the baby. We believe in being honest with Simon and giving him age appropriate information in a way he can (hopefully) understand.

Comments suggestions and stories are welcome!
Until next time

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  1. I’m so glad everything seems to be going smoothly and I enjoy reading all your thoughts. For the weekly thing, what about documenting cravings or things you’re doing getting ready for baby? A new item you purchase, something that you can look back on via photos.

  2. I just popped over here from Baker’s Dozen, and saw that you are looking birth pools. I would highly reccomend the new Aquaborn Eco. It’s available here: http://www.waterbirthsolutions.com/Aquaborn_Eco_Pools.php It’s deep, it has great handles, it has a lid to maintain the heat when you’re not using it.

  3. Quincy was almost born in the room with Sebastian until I had the emergency c-section.

    In the back of my mind I was always ok with it, and when we couldnt find care for him at the last minute, I was a little excited about the idea of Sebastian being there when she came into the world.

    I think being honest with kids about birth in an age appropriate way is really wonderful!