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24 weeks

Some weeks I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water. This was one of those weeks. Too much to do – to little energy. We finally got some nice weather and so we felt like we had to cram an entire summer into one week. It was fun but exhausting. I will be updating with lots more photos of our adventures soon but since I am on the cusp of 25 weeks I wanted to get this photo posted.

I am feeling very pregnant all of a sudden!

These were taken by Myles last week at our prenatal appointment.

here I am attempting to listen to the babies heart beat with a fetoscope (closing your eyes helps). Up until this point we have only been able to hear the babies heart beat with a doppler which is just an audible simulation of the babies heart. (back in April I posted a little video with the sound clip from our babies heart beat, you can hear it here) I don’t really understand how a doppler works other than it uses the same technology as an ultrasound. The sounds produced by the fetal doppler are not the actual sound of the fetal heart, but a representation of the fetal heart. Alternately listening with a fetoscope allows you to hear the real sound of your s heart. It sounds a bit like tennis shoes in a dryer at the end of a long hallway. If you have never tried it I highly encourage you to ask at your next prenatal appointment, it’s an exciting experience. At around 20 weeks you can usually start to hear the babies heart with a fetoscope. I however, have an anterior placenta (the placenta is on the outside wall of my uterus) so it muffles kicks and sounds so at our last appointment I was not able to hear the heart beat with just the fetoscope but this time I was and it will continue to grow stronger and stronger from now on.

Here is Simon attempting to measure my fundal height. The midwives are so great with kids and really patient with him letting him have a turn at almost everything – I hope he remembers this 🙂

That’s the baby news for this week. More photos coming soon!

until then


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  1. Loving all these amazing baby updates! I can’t believe you are already 24 weeks!

  2. Kay Weaver

    I think it is great that Simon gets to participate and yes, I think he is at an age to remember these happenings. I love your explanation of the doppler vs the fetoscope.