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27 Weeks

And we are off! We are taking a much needed mini family vacation to the Oregon coast. I am stoked – even though it involves packing which I hate. Lots of photos when we return!

until then


P.S. for all you non PNW people Oregon, is constantly miss pronounced by you folks (even on TV) the correct pronunciation is OR-ih-guhn it does NOT rhyme with “gone”.  And yes, I am well aware that people from the PNW pronounce Appalachia and Missouri incorrectly.

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  1. Eric S.

    Annoying but true – there is a small town about an hour’s drive away from us, in NW Ohio, named Oregon. Pronounced or-ih-GONE. Needless to say, all the locals can’t pronounce the state’s name right. It drives this transplanted Oregonian crazy.

  2. Susie

    You should drive through Bend and say hi to Summer.

  3. Chanda

    I LOVE your dress. What a great color. I love the freckles on your shoulder. So cute! I miss you cutie pie mama.

  4. WOW. I love this preggo shot SOOOO MUCH. The first thing that I loved was your beautiful hair in a ponytail/pigtails? sooo sweet and your GREEN DRESS and just the overall shot….I just love it. One of my favorite pictures of a pregnant mama EVER!! 🙂