Wee-me and other random stuff

I know I have been a bad blogger lately but I have been super busy.

Last week I was very surprised to receive a package in them mail from my friend Heather. I think Heather and I might be long lost sisters, we just click like that. We have never met in person only online but we email and send stuff to each other in the mail (which Myles finds very strange). Well look what she made me!


it's out Wee Me family. They are very small and the detail is incredible! Notice that I have a camera in my hand! You can even tell the camera is a Nikon because of the red stripe.


Heather custom makes these dolls to order, painting them to reflect your family. Everyone who has seen these on display at my house has asked about where to get them. So if you want a set you can contact Heather though her blog.

Here is a little video of Simon being super cute at dinner last night. He doesn't normally preform when I pull out the video camera but for some reason he was being super cooperative this time. Myles parents have been in town and the day before we took him to the zoo. Simon fell in love with the elephants and even learned the ASL sign for it. I make an elephant sound by blowing through my lips and making a sort of trumpet sound and that is what Simon is trying to imitate when we ask him what an elephant says. Oh, and we had eaten chili and let him feed himself that is why he is such a mess and the original reason why I got out the video camera.

dinner theater from Emily Weaver Brown on Vimeo.

And one more Random thing
Myles co-worker found this comic and modified it to fit our family. I thought it was pretty funny even though for the record I have never dressed up Simon in costumes for photos with the exception of Halloween.


the "big man in the baby's crib" is referring to this photo of Myles. Which also for the record was not posed. Myles climbed in their on his own free will.

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  1. Mark

    Emily, I am so ashamed! Don’t you know that in this family we use YouTube to share videos? I have put up with your shameful behavior for too long as it is, but no more!
    Oh, and it is a cute video of Simon.

  2. cara

    I was almost crying at the pseudo cartoon column…that is hysterical!
    LOVE the video…you will be so glad 12 years from now that you took that! (that is usually about the time they decide that you are not “cool” anymore)
    Her Wee Mee’s look like the Russian dolls, that is so neat

  3. He/he…I’m glad you noticed it was a Nikon;)
    That cartoon was funny! I have so got to start taking videos like you do….sigh….such terrific memories.

  4. sophia

    aw, that video is so adorable! it reminds me of when my niece was about 2 or 3 years old and we were asking her what does a dog say, etc. the funniest thing was that when we asked her what does a bear say and she did the little roar, her voice for some reason went really deep so it sounded almost like an adult imitation of a bear! it was hilarious to hear such a good road coming from a baby girl!!