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Talia’s first ski adventure

Today we spent a beautiful day out at Lake Wenatchee state park cross country skiing around. This was Talia’s first ever time skiing, and probably Simon’s last time being carried as that kid now weighs a ton! We also took Simon cross country skiing when he was 3 weeks old – you can see those photos here.

I don’t know what we are going to do about that boy. He has now really entered into the phase of being too heavy for us to carry while skiing and hiking but really not big enough to keep up with us. What do other families do when their kids enter this phase? just go slower shorter trips?

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  1. Laura Archey

    how fun! My parents told me about my first outside wilderness adventure when I was a baby; I was 3 months old, and my parents backpacked with me up to the top of crow pass, the first cabin on the girdwood side, and stayed overnight up there – except they forgot my cherished blanket i loved (it was unknown my strong, very strong, attachment to this blanket up until this time), so apparently my mom had to donate me a pair of her underwear (clean) which happened to be silk (it was the silk edging of this blanket which I liked I guess) to “soothe” me, and it worked too!….lol I guess other than that, I was completely content! My parents just learned to never leave home without my blankie! 😉

  2. I have been watching your blog as I just LOVE the pictures!
    We have 4 little ones and have found that we go through seasons where we have to slow down the outdoor activities a bit for awhile. We just encourage our little ones to try and hike, snowshoe, etc. as much as they can and still carry them a bit here and there to give them a break. They speed up before you know it! We just try to make it fun and a bit competitive for them 🙂

  3. I’ve heard of – never seen though – little sleigh type/toddler carriage things that one can pull while cross country skiing… apparently you can even get them with covers. I guess they’re kind of like those things you can attach to your bike and pull behind you… except with a ski base. I imagine that yould be easier to pull than it would be to have him up in a back pack.