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Talia {day 30}

And this wraps up the 30 days of Talia love fest!

a sweet sleepy smile from my girl

and I have to say I am glad to be done with that project! weekly pregnancy photos got old,  daily photos of Talia were fun at first but now I think we both feel that it’s a chore. So we will go back to our regular scheduled programing. Don’t worry I will still post photos of her, I have lots and lots that I haven’t shared and as soon as her birth announcement goes out I will post those photos as well.

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  1. janel

    It has been more than a delightful journey for me to gaze upon your little miracle and remember the days when my children were newborns. Enjoy each season of Life, and savor each moment. Thank you for sharing your loves and your visual gifts.

  2. That top photo may very well me my favorite of Talia. I love the hat, the blanket, the background and the sleepy smile. It makes me want to pick her up and cuddle her!

  3. Kelsey

    I loved this series and Talia will some day appreciate having it in a book to share with her own family!

  4. I love to see how she is growing.I love your work!

  5. my goodness, what a beautiful baby. and that smile is so serene

  6. Eva

    Often when there isn’t an obligation we have the desire to pursue it anyway. I have really enjoyed your daily posts on Talia.. it went by very quickly.