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Weekend at Deception Pass

We were supposed to camp this weekend with Sam and Chanda but of course Sam picked last week to start his new job and couldn’t take Friday off. So Myles and I went up without them and on Saturday Sam Chanda and the girls drove up and met us. They left Megan and Ally to spend the night.


Ally will still give me an honest smile but I can’t seem to get anything but cheese out of Megan lately. She will do this little head tilt and fake smile – so I am not posting any of her from this weekend.


This one is just so typical Elle right now. I can hear her thinking “WHAT!?” She is very feisty lately.

As you can see she wants to do everything her big sisters do and was mad that she could not get up the rocks.


This is Myles making breakfast on Saturday morning. I know I have called his cooking skill into question before so I am just not going to say anything about the pancakes he is making here.
Sunday morning we ran out of gas 4 pancakes into breakfast so we gave up on the whole thing and went to MacDonald’s.

here we are roasting marsh mellows.

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