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more natural eggs – the easy way

these were from a kit that I purchased last year at Whole Foods. I don’t even know if they had them again this year but they were clearly from Germany or Sweden.

this is a little more toddler friendly because the results are a lot faster than overnight.You simply boil raw eggs in the dye bath for 6-10 min.


I checked the package their green was made from chlorophyll – so I am going to have to try liquid chlorophyll next year. Their red was made from carmine which is ground up beetles (the whole beetle) – I kid not, I could make that up on my own. And guess what carmine is used in lipstick too.

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  1. ranedae

    I had an acupuncturist who handed me a bag of herbs and said,”Wait, you’re vegan, right?” I opted to take my non-vegan herbs home anyway. Mistake! Cockroaches are nasty, bitter little animals.