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the great thing about having more than one kid

They  Love each other!

We tell Simon that Talia will always be his first friend, that it is his job to look out for her. Even though he does already enjoy bossing her around he takes that job pretty seriously. He always makes sure that she doesn’t have any choking hazards in her mouth and he comes running to me to let me know if she is even approaching any kind of danger. I think they are going to be life long friends.

I went to the fabric store yesterday in an attempt to get a head start on Halloween costumes. Instead I bought the material and patter to make the dress that Talia is wearing in the photos. It turned out pretty cute so I was trying to take some photos of her in it and Simon asked to get in some too. He rarely ask to be in photos so when he does I let him! The pictures I got of the two of them are way more precious to me than the dress modeling. But here it is in color

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  1. Kay Weaver

    Good capture of the sibs. I love them all but especially the second one. You will treasure these photos one day.

  2. Lauren

    Love love love the first one
    Just wondering if there has been any improvements with talia’s eyes since she has been wearing glasses or is too early to tell

    • admin

      well she sees fine w/ the glasses but no actually they have just updated her prescription. Most kids with accomodative esotropia out grow it in early puberty though. We don’t really expect to see any improvements w/ her eyes until she is about 14.

  3. Diana

    You have really cute kids! (I know about you through Jessica P.)