We lost a tree…

Last night there was a howling wind storm but it was really nothing compared to the one three weeks ago when we lost power for 3 days so we didn’t think that much about it. About 1 am we were startled awake when we heard what sounded like a bomb hitting the house. We ran to the window and this is what we saw.



I took some pictures at 1 am but then I re took them this morning when the sun was up so that you can really see what happened.

The white packing peanut is from our neighbor and the last wind storm, he left a box of them in the ally between our houses and they blew all over our yard.


It took us awhile to figure out where the tree came from because we are surrounded by large trees. This is actually the top 30ft of a 150ft tree. You can sort of see where it broke off at the top.

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One Comment

  1. Mark

    Wow, that is amazing. Did your house escape unharmed?