Summin’ up the Summer!

Welcome to our New blog!

I have decided to move our family blog from blogger to

It has been awhile since I have posted – so to catch
you up here are the main highlights since my last post on blogger.

We did Some Camping…


This is me with my good friends
Melissa (At the time very pregnant), Danielle, and Christina.

This is so cute I just had to post it.


This is Hudson, Christina’s son. (he is 2) He saw me using my tripod to take photos. Later he found my tripod and we caught him doing this. He is prending to take photos.

We harvested…


This is a giant zucchini that grew in my garden.
It has since been turned into zucchini pickles. We haven’t tasted them yet but
I hope they will be good.

We worked on our house...

                                  Myles parents visited and Myles’ Dad helped him install 2 new windows and a door on our house.

while the guys were working on that Beth and I canned
this is a photo that she took of the Relish that we made. This is Grandma Ted’s recipe for End-of- the-garden.

We did some hiking…

This is Myles all tuckered out in the meadow on
the far side of bonnie lake. 

We did some more camping…


This was our labor day weekend trip. It was a
little bitter sweet because it is probably the last camping trip for a while
with Nick and Melissa Montero (right) as they are planning to move to Florida
next spring.

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