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celebrating the end of 2011

Normally Myles takes the week between Christmas and New Year off for some family time but this year he was working on a big deadline so we decided to just take New Year’s weekend and get out of town. We went up to Leavenworth WA and had a blast enjoying the outdoors and the pool!

Our awesome friends the Citros loaned us their chariot ski trailer. This totally solved the problem of Simon being too heavy to carry but too young to really ski and keep up.  Of course now we want a chariot but it will need to be a double becuase already Talia is getting pretty heavy!

My shoulders were pretty sore after 2 days of carrying her like this.


beautiful lake Wenatchee



The kids roughhousing with their dad. I loved this becuase  I have a lot of memories of roughhousing with my dad in the pool.

the pool was super steamy and hot (nice warm water too) this made my camera lenses fog up really bad (hence the hazy quality of the photos) and also Talia’s glasses.

Sometime between Christmas and New Year Talia went from being a “cruiser” who occasionally took steps to a full blown toddler. Here she is doing her super cute waddle.

And sledding… I think the adults might have had more fun than the kids.






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  1. Diana OP

    that looks like so much fun! I love your new layout!