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I have been bad about taking photos of Simon’s lunch. I realized that it’s just too much effort to dig out a cutesy piece of scrapbook paper and photograph them so a lot have gone un-photographed. In addition for most of November and December I got so busy that I didn’t have time to make lunch at all and I was buying him Starbucks protein bistro boxes every day.  So no more of that unless it’s a lunch emergency. In addition Talia now eats a significant number of her calories in solid food form so I have to make her a lunch (and she is not quite ready for a bistro box). So to simplify I am just going to photograph their lunches on the cutting board and call it good.  Here are some from way back that I never shared and two from today.

cucumber and hummus in whole wheat pita pockets, raspberries, kiwi, cherry tomatoes, little cucumber stars…


grilled chicken cubes (these always get eaten so I like to include them), Trader Joe’s green bean crunchies, grapes, cherry tomatoes, and cheese cars.

This is a Talia lunch, blue berries (her all time favorite food) , turkey, white beans cooked with onions, and raw cheese.


A Simon lunch, turkey and cheese “apple” sandwich, grape tomatoes (one of his favorites) blueberries, and Go Raw raw chips .


blue berries, green bean crunchies, almond butter and strawberry bear sandwiches, baked plantain chips.


Avocado and white beans, roasted chicken, peaches, and blackberries, little cheese penguins with nori eyes.


cherry tomatoes, blueberries, green bean crunchies, grilled chicken, with cheese moon and star.


Talia’s lunch, grilled chicken, black beans, rice puffs and strawberries


Simon’s lunch; crackers, hummus (he picked this out at the store with his dad but I’m worried that it wont be eaten becuase this brand of hummus is VERY garlicky and thick), carrots, and cucumber for dipping in the hummus, strawberries, and cashews, And that is a chicken star.


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One Comment

  1. Marilee Sherwood

    Emily-You are hereby bequeathed my long-held role of “Mary Poppins” mom….glad to hand it over. I loved the food, but I loved the containers even more! I think I see that some of the divider cups are silicone baking cups, butdon’t recognize some of the others. And the metal bento boxes just the right size are genious.

    So sorry we didn’t get to see you because of the snow. You were missed.