1. sooo cute! I really like that basket too!

  2. I’m jealous it only took you 4 days to get this far with this template. I think it took me 6 days and I’m still not sure I’m 100% happy with it. Great job and love the new blog.

  3. Great job love the new blog. I’m not sure my last comment worked.

  4. Beautiful Emily! I love these soft and bright photos, and your amazing new blog!

  5. Amy

    The new blog is AWESOME!! I like how you were able ti import your old posts! I never did that. Love your works as always! That basket really takes on a whole new perspective with a 6month old baby in it, It always looked soo big with a newborn, but now its easier to tell!

  6. Donna Ecklund

    Nice work on the new blog! –1clickaway from the Peas–

  7. Faye

    Great look and function Emily. I love your new banner and the navigation is very easy. I think you’ve been working hard.

  8. Really nice blog! Lovely pictures – he looks so soft and swishy.