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Eleanor {Seattle Newborn Photographer}

Another beautiful baby girl. You may have already noticed her in my new rotating flash header.






Don’t worry Simon fans – I do still take pictures of my little boy and I have some of him to share shortly.

ETA: I almost forgot I was going to answer the questions about the video.
Here are the answers

In answer to the questions

Is the gray background wall color or paper?
Thunder Gray by Superior seamless background paper

Love the lighting. I usually have mine at 45 degrees, do you feather yours?
yes – I almost always shoot with it perpendicular (90 degrees) to my subject but it depends on what I am doing. As in the baby on black shot it’s completely parallel.

I do have a question about how you had your softbox positioned in some of these shots though…. it looks like it was pointed away from the subject??
not away from just perpendicular – this is called feathering

How do you keep your hands warm so that the naked baby doesn’t freak out when moved? Even though the rest of me is sweating, my hands aren’t warm enough for the baby.
I try to wash my hands with really hot water right before I begin the session. If that doesn’t work I warm them up over the heater.

what size did you make this darker hardwood floor?
I’t just one box of pergo from Home Depot.

what was the cord hanging from your camera?

That’s the sync cord – I am dying for some pocket wizards.

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  1. Faye

    What a beautiful family.