Happy Easter! {Seattle Photographer}


Some day he is going to be really embarrassed that I did this to him. He loves the hat but was not keen on having his photo taken. I spotted this area months ago and I have been wanting to take photos there but what I didn’t realize is that it is actually a swamp. Walking out to the spot I carried Simon in the basket and about halfway there my feet sank down into the mud. I was wearing sandles and now my freshy pedicured toes are caked with mud – oh well it was worth it for the photo.

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  1. And his wife will love it! Very cute!!

  2. I love the hat. Did you make it?
    The basket and the grasses give this shot an almost Baby Moses feel. I love the green and brown tones.

  3. I can’t believe that GREENERY! The hat is absolutely darling and the little boy sporting it ain’t too bad himself;)

    Have a wonderful Easter and I want to see those muddy feet-or at least the pedicure underneath!

  4. How beautiful! He is so handsome!! Definitely worth the picture!!

  5. cara

    OMG he is so cute. What an adorable hat! you will have to keep that one in your memory box!