Happy Mother’s day!

I went through a photo album that my mom made for me last year and pulled out a few photos. Like in most families my mom was the family photographer so there are really not that many photos of me with her and a lot more of me with my dad so these ones are pretty special. I think the one on the left was taken in 1985 or 86 and I am guessing but I think that is the Mendenhall glacier (That’s my little brother Mark not looking at the camera).   Moms are pretty special so make sure and give yours a big hug today.


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  1. Cute pics! (My mom had that same gold chair, yikes!)

  2. What a great tribute to your mom! I love seeing these old photos.

  3. awww this is beautiful, what a great daughter you are!

  4. Kay Weaver

    Being a mom is hard work but it has lots of rewards too. We had those gold chairs for years. They were well made the kids loved to spin around in them.

  5. awww what special memories!