Did you hear the ocean roar?


  • Simon just had a huge growth spurt. All of a sudden his pants are too short and his belly is hanging out of his pajamas. Where does one even buy regular cotton pajamas? I get most of Simon’s clothes as hand me downs or at goodwill but I have totally stuck out recently with pajamas. They just don’t have any in the 18 – 2T sizes at goodwill right now. So I looked at Fred Meyer, Target, and a few other places and all they have is polyester cartoon character nightwear. Who wants to sleep in synthetic material? I don’t care that it is flame retardant – it’s not like my toddler is smoking in bed!
  • Simon disappeared for about 15 seconds in the grocery store the other day and I just about had a heart attack. I just had to grab a few things so I let him walk rather than ride in a cart. One second he was standing next to me the next second he was gone. I quickly located him in the next aisle over – he had found some other kids. I got that horrible sick feeling in my stomach and it took me awhile to shake it even after I found him. I guess we will be sticking to grocery carts for a while.
  • My breast pump met and untimely death recently.  Actually I think I help to push it to an early grave by letting it ride in my suitcase.  It was well loved before it came to me but now it no longer has any suck left. I bought a new used one yesterday, as I am desperate to store up some milk for Simon before I leave him at the end of the month.
  • Yikes, did I mention that I am leaving Simon overnight for the first time? I am going to a photography workshop at the end of the month in San Diego. Simon and Myles are going to be on their own. Actually even better than on their own they are also going to have houseguest that weekend!
  • Do you find sitting and watching the waves at sunset a relaxing activity? Turns out Simon does not. He wasn’t that thrilled about the ocean when we took him to Florida in February but last night he down right hated it.  I know the first picture I posted is deceiving this is closer to reality.


Yeah, I know I am a horrible mother…
– Until next time

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  1. LOL, that must be some roar!

    For summer, the boys wore/wear white t-shirts & boxers. In the winter, you can’t be Hannah Andersson’s Long John’s. I know they aren’t cheap but they wear like iron.

  2. I love the pj’s at Children’s Place. The classic footsie’s in cotton. They have them at the outlet’s in Marysville or Bellevue. I think they are $1 cheaper for 3 at the outlets. I love taking the girls to the beach, but Loghan doesn’t like the noise from the ocean either.

  3. lucky you that a breast pump will get the milk out! I tried an electric double pump and the most I ever got out at one time was about 3 oz.!!!! it just NEVER worked for me!
    pajamas that are the bEST are from Old Navy & THe Gap! I LOVE them!!!!!! cute cute cute!!!!! they are fitted tightly though, so buy a bigger size than he is in, they shrink cause they are 100% cottoN! but they have cute short set ones for summer and snap up ones that I love!

  4. I have the same trouble finding PJs. Have you checked local thrift stores/children consignment shops? If you have some local, it’s worth a look, they often have good stuff that’s very gently worn.

    I love the light in these shots. Are you loving your new camera?