Simon’s new jams

A week ago I posted about looking for new pajamas for Simon. Thanks for all your tips – I found some cute ones!


Here he is rocking his new Hannah Anderson Jams – they also happen to made with organic cotton which I feel good about since they use  insane amounts of pesticides on cotton.  I thought they were so cute that he just needed a photo in them. I found these at the Hannah outlet store in Woodinville. I looked for pajamas at a lot of places (Children’s Place, Gap, Nordstroms, Target, Fred Meyer). I guess I am kind of picky because most of these stores just didn’t have what I wanted. I ended up finding this one pair at Hannah (the only 2 piece in his size and the last left on the rack) and then I found 2 more pairs at costco – also organic cotton but not nearly as cute.  I let him eat breakfast in his jams and they usually get dirty so he needs at least 3 pairs. I will continue to stock the goodwill but for the time being he has something to sleep in!

thanks for your help!


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  1. Those are so cute! I love Hanna Andersson jammies. The best part is, you can get matching jammies for your kids or your whole family. (this is important on Christmas Even when we all wear matching jammies. 🙂

  2. Those are sooooooooo cute!!! I didn’t know there was a Hannah Outlet in Woodinville. I REALLY need to go there w/ Grandma!