Summer Cuties {Seattle Child and Family Photographer}


They look like the perfect matched sibling set but actually they are cousins. We met last Thursday down at the beach not taking into account that it was a holiday weekend and 85 degrees and that everyone and their dog (literally) would be at the beach. On top of that there was a wedding reception going on too. But we managed the crowds and were able to get some really great family shots.

typepadSuch well behaved and polite children too!


It is so exciting to get back to the beach after kind of a dreary spring. Summer doesn’t really start in Seattle until July – and I love working at the beach but it is really only a 3 month window where is is warm enough.

Take care H, Z, K, and B – it was a blast working with you!

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One Comment

  1. Rane dae

    lovely setting and sweet wardrobe choices! Do you advise clients on how to dress?