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Days Like Today


Days like today help me keep perspective
Days like today remind me how trivial my problems are
Days like today make me hug my son a little tighter.

This morning I photographed a day old newborn at UW Children’s NICU. Baby Owen (pictured above) is delicately clinging to this world. Please say a prayer for him and his family during this very difficult time.

This evening I photographed a 32 week old preemie come into this world. Baby Alex needs some assistance with breathing but he will be going home with his parents in a few weeks or months.

life is so precious , life is  fragile. Hold your children close.

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  1. lovely image. My thoughts are with both families.. xx

  2. ginger greenway

    This brings tears, memories and also prayers for these little ones.

  3. What a precious image, one to treasure forever. I will keep them in my prayers.

  4. Rane dae

    My thoughts and prayers are with them. How precious to have this beautiful photograph.

  5. Kay Weaver

    You have added to their precious memories. May our Lord give them strength and comfort and hold them in His hands.

  6. Els

    Our firstbon DS was born at 32 weeks and these photos bring back so many memories…. He is now a thriving 6 year old, he came such a long way, he’s extra special to me.