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Welcome Wally! {Seattle Birth Photographer}

This morning I had the honor of photographing the birth of fellow photographer Jessica Peterson’s son Waldron Dain. Jessica had the beautiful home birth that she really wanted but Wally was a little impatient and made his entrance before the midwife arrived. Luckily a student midwife got to the house just as Jess was pushing him out and assisted with getting him started but Jessica basically did it all herself including catching. Women are incredibly¬† strong and beautiful!¬† Here is a little sneak peek at beautiful Wally. dsc_4926


This experience has just about sold me on home birth – seriously, they had the best food. It was like a bakery at that house. While I was there Jess’s friends and support team made artisan bread (which we ate with brie), banana bread, and the world’s best chocolate chip cookies. Wally was out before any of this was done but that didn’t keep me from sticking around to eat -there are some perks to this job : )

More from Wally’s birth coming soon!


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  1. Fantastic Emily! I admire you for photographing a home birth.

  2. Oh my gosh that first one is just amazingly beautiful! Love your conversions….

  3. Love these! And I’d like to say that even if I wasn’t biased, they are beautiful photos. Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible experience!

  4. Kay Weaver

    Oh, he looks perfect. His eyes are so bright in the first photo and I can’t help but notice his tiny little fingers in the second one.

  5. mandy

    Emily! I have been thinking about this little guy all day, so it’s amazing to see him again now that I’m at home after this wonderful birth. Thanks for being a part of our team today! It was lovely to meet you, and these photos are wonderful! I can’t wait to see the rest.

  6. I had home births with both of my girls, with a Dr. and a midwife! they almost didn’t make it for my 2nd child either LOL! I so WISH I would have had it photographed!!! these are gorgeous!