1. Nikki

    Emily… they are beautiful! Thank you so much… I love them.

  2. Jody Baumgartner

    Nikki he is just precious!

  3. Kasey

    Nikki~ He’s just beautiful!

    Emily~ Great work again, these are excellent!

  4. Bobbi Winkelkotter

    Nikki he is beautiful!

  5. Kay Weaver

    He is beautiful which is magnified by your beautiful photography!

  6. Tara Templeton

    Love the top picture in the brown hat! The colors are scrumptous! Gorgeous baby boy!

  7. I’m just loving your use of color with these newborns. It’s so fresh and happy!

  8. Gayle K. James

    Incredible photos and how sweet he looks!

    You have a beautiful little boy. Enjoy!