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The Birth of Baby A. {Seattle Birth Photographer}


What I have learned from photographing births is that life rarely goes as planned and your best off learning to just go with the flow. Mom and Dad were planing a natural birth center birth, however, Mom went into labor at 32 weeks. Plans changed – and Mom labored and delivered in hospital so her baby could have immediate access to the NICU. What was amazing to me was how serene, peaceful, and beautiful Mom and Dad were throughout this process. Having a baby 8 weeks early is scary – baby’s lungs aren’t ready to breath on their own, and it can be months before you can take them home.  Mom had only attended one birth class, they had not purchased all of the baby necessities (car seat, crib, etc) but Mom kept calm and collected and and birthed her son like a fertility goddess. I was so impressed. Immediately after birth A. was whisked away to a pediatrician and neonatal team that suctioned him and got him breathing – I was not allowed to take photos of this process. After A. was stabilized his mom got to hold him briefly before he was taken straight to the NICU where he weighed in at 4lbs .03 oz. Today A. is doing very well, he is still in the NICU but he is now over 5lbs and is learning to nurse, his parents anticipate being able to bring him home shortly.

So without further delay here is A’s birth story (CLICK BELOW FOR THE SLIDE SHOW)

The Birth of Baby A.

Mom’s birth support team included her husband, her mother, and her doula Emily Fontes.  I also should mention her OB (assigned to her by chance) who was was very progressive and supportive of Mom’s desire to have a natural childbirth. Unfortunately in this day and age it seems that Doctors like him are few and far between. So if you are looking for a progressive OB who is pro natural childbirth try Dr. Matthew Banfield.





Thank you A’s family for allowing me to be a part of your very intimate experience.

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  1. Valerie Laramee

    Beautiful, Emily! I’m glad the little guy did so well.

  2. April

    So incredibly beautiful. Well done!

  3. Heather

    These are beautiful pictures…ones you will treasure as your wee one gets older and learns how to talk back…pull them out and say ” DO YOU SEE what I went through for you? Now behave! “

  4. i have tears reading this! beautiful images, of such the parents will treasure forever. Sounds like an amazing team she had! Best wishes for when baby comes home! x

  5. Rane dae

    There is so much passion and beauty in these shots. I’m so glad they were able to bring and create such beauty in an otherwise scary time. What courage!