Fantastic Messes {Life with a toddler}

The last 6 moths has taught me that toddlers learn about their world by exploring it and exploring it usually involves creating some pretty fantastic messes. This one was Myles’s fault. He left the baby powder open and on a low shelf just at Simon eye level. I sat down to check my email for just a few minuets and when I realized that it was just a little too quite it was already too late. I walked out into the hall to find this.



The hallway was covered with little powdery footprints that led into Simon’s nursery.


He pretty much emptied the entire container on to his legs and the floor.




I guess this is just payback because I canĀ  remember “making it snow” with my mom’s make up powder as a kid

Now it’s your turn to share – what crazy kinds of messes have your kiddos made? Please leave me a comment!

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  1. I could write all day on this topic, but will restrain myself by only sharing about the infamous “Blackberry Fight”. After trudging through our five acres for several hours with five little ones (all five and under) we picked gallons and gallons of blackberries. We arrived home and my mom called. We got to chatting and all the while by children were so well behaved and quiet. Finally my training was paying off! I hung up the phone, only to find my little ones had a blackberry fight. They threw blackberries, stepped on them, smooshed whole buckets-full. The left it on the walls, floor, table clothes, hair faces. It was EVERYWHERE. Not one blackberry was fit to eat. I realized it was either lose it big-time, or cool down a bit. I stripped all five, sent them to bed, and made myself a mocha. I sat on my couch and peacefully sipped my coffee and read a book…blackberries still covering my entire diningroom/schoolroom. When I felt calm and in control again (and my coffee was gone) I mopped the floor, scrubbed the walls (there are stains there to this day!) and table, then calmly disciplined my chidlren!

  2. I’m not sure there is enough space on the internet to list them all LOL. The few that come to mind are Taryn’s incidents with markers and nail polish all over her body. Oh, and the powdered sugar incident of 2008….that was a doozy.

  3. Tara Templeton

    This looks so much like what happens at my house all the time! My son is 2 and such a hand full! My daughter (now 13) was never into things like my son. I didn’t have to baby proof with her, but we’ve got Fort Knox here for my son! The difference between boys and girls! I thought it was so strange that I had to call Poison Control 3 times in the first 18 months of his life! But there is just something about that little boy that steals my heart and softens me so much even when he’s at his naughtiest!

  4. Rane dae

    Jack’s biggest messes usually involve poop or pee or, less nasty, a lot of water. But the most annoying would be the Sugar Dance which welcomed our latest ant infestation. It’s been 3 weeks now.