He weighed in at only 14lbs 10.5 oz which surprised me. I thought he would be over 15 lbs. Carrying him around all the time he sure feels like he is about 20lbs. On that note I finally broke down and ordered a stroller yesterday. He was 27” long which is 75% for height – if you are keeping track.

Yes, he unties his shoes and if he is not wearing shoes he pulls off his socks.  I have been trying to keep socks on him to keep his burned foot from being exposed to the sun (per pediatricians recommendation). Since he regularly pulls off his socks I have to put shoes on him.

I have gotten a lot of questions about his foot. It really does look a lot better and I think he will only be left with a tiny scar. And hopefully he doesn’t even remember it any more. Here is a picture.

And here is the little scooter, who scoots himself into any small enclosed space. He then gets stuck and cries because he can’t roll over or back up anymore.
The last few days he has been rocking up on his knees, but he hasn’t quite gotten it that he also has to move his arms. Every time he goes for it SPLAT – right on his face.
And this is how I found him the other day when I went to check on him while he was napping.
I don’t even know how he did that one.

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  1. Ohh, how I loved that age… His foot looks a LOT better… I’d be surprised if he even scars… So amazingly cute… I love how you dress him… Oxford shirt…

  2. First…adorable pics. Also, you should do a before and after pic of his foot, because it’s amazing the way it’s healed so well! It does look so much better. I remember the backward scoot days…too funny! And, I have a pic of Lacy in her crib doing the same thing! On their tummy with a blanket over the BACK of their head?! How did they do it! Ever since Lacy could stand up, there are many times when I go in to check her, I have to run right back out and laugh out loud:)

  3. Cara Feneis

    He is getting cuter and cuter everyday!!

  4. I just wanted to say your son is adorable. I grew up with Kelly Robertson (Tofslie) and saw your page on hers. I too live in Seattle and it looks like your little boy is fairly close in age to my little guy Brenden who was born on Christmas Eve of last year.