Bad blogger!

Wow I have been busy – way to busy living life to actually blog about it : )
Yes Simon did win the contest – thank you to everyone who voted and helped us win by a landslide!  I am working out the dates right now but we will keep you posted on our travel plans. 


Simon is officially 6 months old – as of Friday. He is working really hard on a tooth that will just not come in! It seems like he has been working on it for 2 months. It must be really painful because he has been waking up at night desperately wanting to chew. Tomorrow is his 6 month check up so I will keep you posted on his weight and height. (I am pretty sure he has grown at least 2 inches). His foot is almost 100% healed – it is just slightly discolored now. It looks sort of like a birthmark. I am hoping it will mostly fade away. He is getting really good at scooting though it doesn’t seem intentional. It looks like he is trying to go forward but he can only push himself backwards and this frustrates him. He hasn’t figured out that he could just turn around and back up to whatever it is he is trying to get. This morning I sat him down on his play mat in the living room and when I came back he was in the kitchen. He has also started to notice things like the cabinets under the TV, yesterday he ran his hand over the handles.  I guess I am going to have to start baby proofing or at least move the cleaning supplies out from under the kitchen sink.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    I love these pictures especially the second one. His true personality is coming out. Good update on his ever-changing life. Yours too for that fact.

  2. Yay! Congrats on winning the contest! Glad to know our vote did you good! He was by far the cutest, and the picture the best quality! Yeah, it all starts with scooting… Time to get down on your hands and knees and look at his world to proof it! =)

  3. OR, convert your whole house to green products (i.e. Method or Melaleuca or something) that are non-toxic. It gives me so much more of a peace of mind just in case there was an accident. :o)
    Simon sure is doing everything early! Scooting, getting a tooth, etc. Karter just got his first tooth 2 days ago and he’s 10 months!
    I’m so glad he won the photo contest! Yay!