Christmas Cookies (part 1)

One of the things I can distinctly remember from my childhood is making Christmas cookies with my mom. This was a yearly ritual where we made the dough, rolled it out, cut it intricate cookie cutters and then decorated them with sprinkles. This is a tradition that I would like to continue with my own children so this year we started with making our own sugar cut out cookies.  Simon was really into it – that kid loves cooking!


Measuring the flour… whenever I step back to take a picture like this while cooking I am always taking a risk that something will happen (totally inaccurate measurements, flour all over the floor, etc) This time nothing big happened but I did have to keep him from adding more and more and more flour.


oh I take that back about nothing disastrous happening, this was the first time I have ever let him crack an egg. Per my friend Katie’s advice I had him crack it into a bowl (rather in to the mixer where likely the entire shell would end up). Most of the egg ended up on the stove top and floor.


Then comes the hard part about cut out cookies, the refrigeration time… of course the dough has to chill.. arg – I can remember this is like agony to a child it seems like a life time before you can get on with the business of actually making your cookies. After this we had lunch and Simon took a nap. When he woke up we got to good part.


I bought Simon his own size appropriate rolling pin – the only problem was that he wanted to use the big rolling pin – I tried the small one and it was pretty cheap and not well constructed so it was hard to get it to roll well, and since I was stuck using it I regretted not finding him a better one.


(Nice bed head Simon) Then we cut the cookies. For Simon this mostly meant mutilating the dough with the cookie cutter. Anytime I turned around to transfer a cut cookie to the cookie sheet and turned back he had already pressed several shapes into the remaining dough – it took a long time to get all the cookies cut.


I love the flour on his head!


ready to bake!


Tasting some fresh sugar cookie – Yum! By the end of all this he had eaten so much dough, and cookie pieces he was totally strung out on a sugar high and literely bouncing all over the place. It was really hard to get him to bed.

Next up decorating the cookies! Check back to tomorrow and you can see the photos of all that fun and our special all natural cookie frosting.

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  1. Kay Weaver

    I love this documentary. It is so great that you are commenting about the photos too. I’m excited for the sequel.

  2. Simon looks like he was really into it (literaly) great pics. Future Chef in the making.

  3. Fran

    I totally stalk your blog but this time I HAD to comment! I love this posting! Having a 2 year old son myself I know how special times like this are! Is this all natural light? How do you process to get such a warm comfortable holiday feel? LOVE IT!