Today marks the beginning of the 3rd week of Advent. Each candle represents an aspect of the spiritual preparation for the coming of the Lord, Jesus Christ. This is the week of the Shepherds’ Candle or Joy Candle for Advent. The shepherds represent the message of great joy that is brought to the world about Jesus’ birth. The deep purple color of the candles symbolizes a time of penance and preparation, it signifies royalty repentance, and suffering. During the 3rd week the color of the candle changes to rose or pink this marks the week as a time to rejoice over the closeness of Christmas and the coming of Christ. If you want to read more about the tradition of the color of the advent colors this is an excellent article.


Simon, lighting the 3rd candle. After he lit it he correctly counted to 3 all on his own volition. (I was impressed)


Here he is getting his nightly chocolate. He is now obsessed with opening the “Baby Jesus” door and we have to keep telling him that he can’t open it until Christmas eve.

I have gotten so many positive comments and emails about our Advent tradition that I wanted to share a resource for those inserted in starting their own tradition. is an excellent website that has something for everyday – from coloring pages you can print, craft activities, recommended books, Christmas songs, and art history. You will not be bored. I don’t even think it’s possible to do all the activities and suggested reading for each day – it’s a pretty exhaustive resource.


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