One-a-penny, two-a penny, hot cross buns’

Yesterday, in keeping with the Good Friday tradition,  Simon and I made hot cross buns. This was a major feet for us since our power was out for a large chunk of the day (we have been having a really aggressive storm) and I was also plagued by morning sickness for a better part of the day hindering my ability to stay vertical. This was the only thing we got done yesterday but we at least accomplished one thing. Oh, and Simon learned the hot cross buns song.

I used Martha Stewart’s Recipe from this months magazine but cheated and put everything in the bread machine on the dough cycle. Here is my cute boy kneading the bread. I can’t remember where I leaned this trick  but if you kneed your bread on a slipat bake mat you don’t have to add a bunch of flower. When I told Simon to kneed the bread he pulled a piece off and stuck it in his mouth, I realized that he thought I said “eat” instead of “kneed” But he finally got what I meant. I love baking with Simon as it’s such a simple activity and he really enjoys it.

This morning for breakfast we enjoyed our buns! They were super moist and soft. I have made hot cross buns in past years but I think this is by far my favorite recipe.

I was reading about the history of hot cross buns and it’s very interesting. Hot cross buns were believed to have all kinds of mystical powers. It was believed that if you gave a hot cross bun to a friend on Good Friday that you would remain friends for life. This was the origin of  giving candy and Easter baskets on Easter. The first Easter baskets held dinner. Baskets containing buns, cheeses, lamb, hams and other food items were carried to the Mass on Easter morning to be blessed. Later on the food would then be carried to either friends or neighbors to be enjoyed. A sweet tradition!

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  1. Faye

    Those are really gorgeous Emily.

  2. Hugh Tornabene

    no question about it, Simon,
    the icing on top is the best part

  3. patty

    Hi Emily
    Can you message me the receipe for this and if you had to tweak it for the bread machine…I have a bread machine and life can be much easier with it