Happy Easter!

My little man in his Sunday best! He picked out this outfit himself. He liked the pink shirt and the “striped” tie (as he called it).  This morning when I got dressed I put on my new argyle sweater and Simon said to me “Mommy!  you have your diamonds on!” I told him that if he let me take a photo for grandma I would give him a piece of chocolate and boy was he cooperative!

After church some friends joined us for a delicious lunch, or dinner as Myles calls it. Either way it was a feast.And the best part, I didn’t have to cook any of it! I bought one of the catered meals from Whole Foods. It’s a fixed menu for the holidays and it was so good and so simple, and I think that somehow it ended up being less expensive than if I would  have done the whole thing from scratch myself. I love to cook but catered food sure makes entertaining a breeze scenes from our day.

Now I can’t wait to make some ham bone soup. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

until next time


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  1. Simon is digging that smooch 😉

  2. Such a handsome little man!! Your meal looks fantastic.