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Confessions of a crazy pregnant woman {14 Weeks}

The Second Trimester!

14 weeks, yay! I made it! I made Myles take this photo yesterday, as I really liked how the stripes accentuated the bump and I wanted to commemorate the beginning of the second trimester – it feels like such an accomplishment right now.

Our baby is now the size of a lemon. I love the fruit/food comparisons that babycenter sends me each week but I have to wonder if our baby is only the size of a lemon why is my stomach already the size of a grapefruit? (at least) They say you “pop out” sooner with your second pregnancy and boy isn’t the truth. I have officially kissed my regular pants goodbye. So I’m sticking it out a bit in the photo but you should it after I have eaten a really big meal!

You know how when you are pregnant you get more “emotional” and just a little “crazy”. Well I am an opinionated person and when I am pregnant it just gets worse. I chalk it up to the pregnancy hormones.  My friend Jennifer just told me that by the end of this pregnancy everyone would know all of the things that I hate. That might be true, I find pregnancy very polarizing I either love or hate everything. There is not a lot of middle ground, it can actually be kind of exhausting. I have been posting a lot on twitter and facebook about the things that I love/hate I find myself spending a lot of time pondering these things so I have complied a short “crazy” list.  Feel free to add you own in the comments (or just make fun of mine).

  • If I were queen of the world the grocery store would definitely be organized differently. I don’t understand why molasses is next to maple syrup in the juice aisle. Do some people use molasses as a substitute for maple syrup? That seems like it would taste horrible. In my mind the molasses belongs in the baking aisle next to the brown sugar.  Actually I am not even sure why the maple syrup is not in the baking aisle too. Also I would alphabetize the spices.  I once mentioned this to a store clerk and he looked confused and said “the spices are in alphabetical order” and I pointed out that yes they were in alphabetical order by brand but if I were in charge I would just mix all the brands together and put them back on the shelf in alphabetical order. I like to be able to price and size compare and it would be much much faster if all the tumerics were on the shelf next to each other. In fact if I get crazy enough one day I might just take the time and organize the spices myself.
  • It drives me nuts on allrecipes.com when you are looking at a recipe and start reading the reviews only to realize that none of the so-called reviewers have actually made the recipe in question. They have all severely altered it and are rating their new made up recipe. You’re not really writing a review of a recipe if you completely alter the recipe! Did it ever cross into their mind that maybe they are the reason the recipe failed? Please don’t rate recipes you haven’t actually made!
  • Sometimes when I am at other people’s homes and I use their bathroom I also take a peek in their medicine cabinet to see if there is anything interesting. I know I won’t be caught and it’s a rush of adrenaline to do something so naughty (ok sometimes this happens when I am not pregnant – but don’t think I don’t know that other people do it too!)
  • On the bathroom topic: It also really bothers me when toilet paper is hung the “wrong” way (i.e. over the back). I usually just fix it. When I am in a public bathroom where they lock the toilet paper down and I can’t fix it – well that drives me crazy.
  • This hasn’t happened yet this pregnancy but when I was pregnant with Simon Myles’s incessant “stomping” drove me crazy. He would stomp all around the house. His defense was “this is how I always walk!” but it sure sounded a lot louder to me.
  • I’m really sad about the degradation of Sesame Street – what happened? It’s all green screens with crayon drawings and all Elmo. I want the classic Sesame Street for Simon and I am considering ordering it for him. I find it frustrating that I can’t just by the classics from itunes.(I am planning for a road trip we are taking this weekend)

So that’s the crazy list.  Now you know the truth about me (I’m far from perfect)
Until next time


P.S. someone just posted this song on babycenter – ha ha

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  1. Okay, the allrecipes thing is an issue for me too! No one actually follows the recipe, so I never make anything from there until I find out what the alterations need to be.
    Congrats on making it this far!

  2. Congratulations- your bump is so cute!

  3. You’re so cute! Confession: My spices are all in the freezer door in alphabetical order.

  4. Julie Norton

    Congrats on the 2nd trimester! I’ve enjoyed reading your confessions. ITA on the Allrecipes reviews too, drives me crazy!

  5. Congrats on the second trimester, hopefully you will start to feel better. I totally have that thought every time I look up any recipe with reviews….”This was a great recipe. I left out the brown sugar, doubled the vanilla, added lemon juice and butterscotch pudding, and it was great!” OK, that is something totally different! So true!

  6. Megan

    I just had to comment on the molasses and maple syrup complaint. My dad actually eats molasses on pancakes, just like you would eat maple syrup. He swears it is delicious, but I can’t bring myself to try it.

  7. Awww, congratulations!!! Love that perfect baby bump!

  8. sophia

    girl! this is hilarious! way better for waking up in the morning than a coffee…

    i am WITH you on the spice thing. in fact, i believe they are organized that way at Top Foods. maybe you need to change stores?! (i have no idea where they keep the molasses… have not noticed.)

    your allrecipes remark is similar to how i feel about music / movie reviews on amazon. have you noticed some people will actually give a CD / DVD a negative review b/c when the product arrived there were scratches in the disc or the case was cracked…? Um, supposed to be reviewing the MOVIE/MUSIC, not the SELLER’s crappy service!! errr…

    ok ok so like how crazy am i without even being pregnant?! ROFL

    and apparently when you are pregnant (and i mean only you, not ‘you’ as in all smug/pregnant women – LOL) maybe your hearing is heightened…? that might explain the ‘stomping’… how about some rugs / runners to muffle it?

    PS what would you do at my house? we don’t have medicine cabinets. 🙂

  9. You look so adorable! Congrats on entering the 2nd trimester!

  10. Well, congrats! I like the stripes too.

  11. Susie

    I love crazy Emily. She’s my favorite.

  12. My 3 kidlets (ages 8, 5 and 3) are HUGE classic Sesame Street fans. We have two sets of Old School Sesame Street DVD’s. Movies are a big treat at our house, but they laugh like crazy at the old Sesame Street episodes. ALL three kids. You can find them at Amazon. We like the second set the best (Old School Vol. 2). I love seeing all the great old characters. I forgot how funny Bert and Ernie were.