more trouble

We are going out of town for a few days and I have been working like a mad woman to try in get caught up on tons of proofing and ordering I am just wrapping up and I went looking for some photos to post and found these oldies. This actually happened back in January but for some reason I didn’t label these photos and lost them on my hard drive. Anyway I have found them now! This was the day that Simon got into my makeup bag and decided to apply some mascara. I was actually impressed that he knew it went on eyes. (I guess he pays attention when I am doing my makeup in the morning.) I had to laugh when I walked into the bathroom to find him looking like this and I wonder how much more makeup he would have applied if I had not caught him so quickly. And I thought that only little girls did this kind of stuff. He was upset in the photos because I had taken the mascara away from him. I know this kid gets into a lot of trouble and has made some fantastic messes but really I don’t leave him unsupervised for long stretches of time, I don’t even dare take a shower anymore unless he is asleep or watching a video (and I am finding that even the TV is not a good babysitter as he now knows that I am usually indisposed when I let him watch it and he is using the opportunity to get into things). Just this morning I was getting ready in the bathroom and then walked across the hall into our bedroom. I was still in line of site of him and he took the toilet plunger, opened the toilet and then started splashing it in the water. It only took him about 3 seconds to splash toilet water all over the seat and it took me quite a bit longer to disinfect the bathroom and clean up the mess he made – yuck!  When I sent him to time out he asked (exasperated) “Why?” He just doesn’t get the mommy does not like messes!

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  1. Love that top photo:-)

  2. Kay Weaver

    He is so curious about life. He mimics everything he sees. Of course he doesn’t understand about the clean up of messes. Not yet. One day that will be his punishment.

  3. either punishment or he will he LOVE it one day. The little guy I nannied wanted a cleaning party for his 3rd bday…haha! Invite over all his friends and have them clean the house! 🙂

  4. Travis Thompson

    He did do a good job! Joey sneaked my mascara, managed to apply it all over his face and then wipe the brush nice and clean on our white carpet (no I did not choose white carpet… it came with our house! We NEED wooden floor boards!)

  5. Kate

    ok either he has awesome eyelashes – or did he actually manage to apply the mascara to his lashes?!?! that right eye of his looks a little suspicious… talented kiddo. 🙂

  6. Oh it does not take LONG for them to get into trouble. Proof: my living room wall with marker on it this morning. Sigh….what can you do. Luckily, he is completely adorable…that makes up for it.

  7. Niiiice 🙂 Kids are full of surprises, that’s for sure.

  8. I have very similar pictures of my 2 year old with my eyeliner all over his face, the day before I had my youngest. Sometimes I have to tell people “I really do watch him!’ because if I turn my back for half a second he’s gotten into something!