We’re back!

Vacation Highlights

  • reconnecting with good friends
  • relaxing on the beach
  • 80*+temperatures all week
  • amazing Cuban food
  • Eating out at Emeril Lagasse's restaurant and spotting Mario Bartelli
  • drinking cafecitos every afternoon
  • being able to sit down and read for pleasure for more than 15 min at a time


1) Simon on Miami beach
2) Isabella and Nick
3) feeding the giraffes at the metro zoo
4) Flowers at the Pinecrest gardens
5) Olivia
6) Sign post in the keys indicating that we were 4527 miles from Nome Ak
7) Pelican on a warf in the keys
8) Isabella on her tricked out tricycle
9) The Monteros
10) Simon walking in the waves
11) Isabella (a rare look at the camera)
12) Myles trying to get Simon to build a sand castle (he hated sand)
13) Strawberries picked at a U-pick farm
14) Olivia on Miami beach
15) "dolphin" tacos (that's what the menu said)
16) A turtle at the Pinecrest gardens
17) us at the strawberry farm
18) Isabella at Pinecrest gardens
19) Pinecrest gardens (I was really impressed with these gardens – way better than our botanical gardens)
20) A flower at Pinecrest gardens

all the rest of the photos are up on facebook.

And yes, it was very hard to wake up to snow (yes snow) yesterday morning.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I’m jealous.

  2. Kay Weaver

    What a lovely collection of photos to depict a beautiful vacation. Loved that sun!

  3. Oh man! What a fun time you had and I love the collage you made. My family all live in Florida and I know how it feels to visit and come home to the snow. It’s throws you for a loop, that’s for sure. How did Simon enjoy the sand? How was the flight?

  4. I love that Nome, AK was important enough to be on that milepost!! Looks like you had a great vacation. *sigh*, I SO need one of those. =)